Acorn Cushion
Acorn Cushion
Acorn Cushion
Acorn Cushion
Acorn Cushion

Acorn Cushion

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One-of-a-kind pieces. Produced in small batches. Handcrafted in the U.S.A.
This one-of-a-kind acorn cushion will make any space cozy and filled with fall vibes.
Made from the cotton and repurposed knit with a handmade macrame and wooden "leaf".

Choose from:
1. Blush cotton with golden tan repurposed knit.
2. Confetti cotton repurposed knit.
3. Cocoa cotton with gray & pink floral repurposed knit.
4. Blush cotton with white & gold striped repurposed knit.
5. Confetti cotton with chartreuse shimmer repurposed knit.
6. Confetti cotton with teal textured floral repurposed knit.
7. Cocoa cotton with tan & white patterned repurposed knit.
8. Blush cotton with cream, blush, & gray repurposed knit.
9. Confetti cotton with pink & white repurposed knit.
10. Cocoa cotton with glitz gold repurposed knit.

Approximate size is 12x9 inches.