The Dainty Maker Box No. 1 // Love Bug Visual

I should start by saying that these instructions are not written in stone. The steps are just a guide and depending on your (or your little one's) style of crafting, you can either follow step-by-step or dump out all of the components and let them have at it. I suggest that these projects be done together. They are put together to intentionally promote quality time, which is, not surprisingly, some of the best times that happen within our four walls. :)
They can sketch out their ideas/ design on the back of the postcard included before you start. (This is a step that my oldest really enjoys.) It can also be fun to draw a picture of your finished bug if you just want to jump right into it (which is how my youngest rolls)!
First, pull all of your materials out of the box. 
1. Cut out your three pattern pieces (bug body, and two bug wings). Most of the time, I have this step completed and ready to go for my youngest.

2. Trace pattern pieces on the felt and cut them out.
Your box contains everything you'll need to make 2 bugs. You can keep them all monochrome or swap wings so they will be two-toned. 

3. Glue pom-poms to bug body. Be sure to keep them on the bottom half.

4. Cut shapes out of the fabric and add them onto the wings. You can add the smaller sequins provided to decorate too!

5. Glue wings to bug body in "v-shape"about 1/4 of the way down the bug body. 

6. Glue large sequins (eyes) on the head. Next, add the bead (eyeballs) in the center of each.

7. Fold knotted twine in half and add glue to center "V" of wings to make antennae.

8. Glue fringe trim across the top of wings. This will cover the "V" at the top of wings and where the twine is glued. Then flip the bug over, fold-over and glue the extra trim to the back.

9. Now it's time to add the legs. Flip bug with belly facing up and add the pipe cleaner legs. Hot glue works best. Allow to dry. 

10. Once dry, bend you bug's legs to make them stand or sit. 

... And you're done!
Sit back and admire your masterpiece :)
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